Here at Transform we are Level 4 trained in Lasers, we use a Pico Laser to remove tattoos. 


We chose to use the Pico Laser because they are newest, fastest and safest method of laser tattoo removal.

What is Pico tattoo removal?

Pico laser is a specialised short-pulse laser system, the Pico laser does not only use heat to remove ink.  The laser is delivered in picoseconds to the area, sparing the skin from high thermal damage, easily targeting and “shattering” the unwanted pigment (ink) into tiny particles.  The particles (ink) are then disposed of by the body. It works on all skin types, there is less downtime and also removes stubborn older tattoos.

The benefits of Pico laser tattoo removal

  • Up to 3x faster than nanosecond lasers
  • Requires fewer treatments to deliver highly effective results
  • Effectively removes coloured pigment (ink)
  • Removes more stubborn older tattoos
  • Virtually no down time

Treatment Info


We advise during your free consultation to apply a strong numbing cream an hour before arriving for your appointment.  The numbing cream should be wrapped in cling film to prevent it from being rubbed off and also the heat this would create helps the skin to absorb the cream deeper.

Does it hurt – Yes .. sorry we can not say it doesn’t.  But we do everything we can to make the treatment as bearable as possible, we do not do this slowly we work as fast and as efficiently as possible and always keep a check on our clients well being and try to keep them as relaxed as possible.

Straight after the procedure, the skin that has been treated will turn a white frost color. So do not be alarmed by this it is normal and a good sign the laser has done its job.  In most cases, this will only last a few minutes and will disappear before you leave the salon.

Side effects of laser tattoo removal include:

The most common effects that you can experience during your laser tattoo removal aftercare process include mild swelling across the treated area, as well as some redness.

  • Bruising between 1-3 days post-treatment
  • Tingling sensations (similar to sunburn)
  • Blisters, which may dry into scabs
  • Itching
  • Mild skin discoloration

If you experience any these effects, it is important to remember that these are common. Some of theses symptoms, including post-treatment blisters, actually indicate that your body is healing as it should and is a very good sign that all is healing well.

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